Life Coaching


Life coaching is about helping you create a life that you love! Through life coaching you become the best you can be and learn to achieve success on your own terms.  With supportive facilitation you will be guided through the process of defining and achieving your specific personal or professional results.

Life coaching is a client centered practice, which means you set the agenda.  During your first session we will identify five core areas of focus.  We will then develop a plan for each of your focus areas, and with support and accountability, you progress towards your goals.


Historically the evolution of coaching has been influenced by and enhanced through many other fields of study including those of personal development, psychology (sports, clinical, developmental, organizational, social and industrial) and other organizational or leadership theories and practices.

Coaches are not considered therapists or consultants, with psychological intervention and business analysis being outside of their tasking.  Instead, coaching focuses on effecting change in a client’s current and future behavior and does not delve into diagnosing mental illness or dysfunction.

Life coaching is a relatively new profession, emerging in the 1990s and becoming increasingly more popular as a method for help clients increase satisfaction, well being, and purposefulness in they’re lives.


Coaching sessions are held weekly for 1 hour,  with follow up or check-in calls at least once a week. Because life coaching is a commitment on the part of both coach and client we begin the coaching process with a 3-month contract.